Our Culture

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to us over the phone or visit us in Boulder, you quickly discover that Tundra is unlike any other supply partner you’ve worked with. From our furry pals that work alongside us daily, to our company values printed throughout our walls, Tundra is a special place to work. Here at Tundra, we know that just one kind word can change someone’s entire day.

Over the last 25 years we’ve grown from a modest parts supplier to a customer-centric brand that’s making a positive impact on the industry. We might have the resources of a large company, but we operate with the nimbleness and entrepreneurial spirit of a small one. I’ve always believed that if you take care of your people and your customers, good things happen. At Tundra, employees can make an impact personally on something; it’s a place where employees are more than just a number—they’re part of a family.

Opportunities abound at Tundra, where even a once part-time warehouse worker like myself can aspire and become the Vice President/General Manager of this amazing brand. Mentored by founder Michael Lewis, I’ve spent the last two decades working in various departments like accounting, sales, marketing, product and vendor relationships and more, giving me keen insights and tremendous respect for every position in this company. I’m proud to work with a team that is focused on continuous improvement while also keeping passionate about what we do.

Let’s do more, together!

Cara Schlarb, Vice President/General Manager

Cara Schlarb, Vice President/General Manager