Our Culture

A culture is defined by why you are doing what you are doing, not what you are doing. Anyone can run a company and say what they do, but to define why they do it is another story. When it comes to Tundra's culture, our President, Ryan Lewis, sums it up pretty well:

"In general, I don't think [culture] comes down to a specific location – it's an energy. Locations are attributes, but that doesn't create culture. At the end of the day, culture is the look on people's faces, the smiles, the comfort. My goal is for people to come to work and have them be extensions of themselves, be able to express themselves."

"Our values are absolutely imperative because that's the framework. I want people to express themselves fully, but it has to be within that set of values – that's what ties everything together. And our mission statement – it's about our customers; and our success depends on theirs."

Ryan Lewis, President