Our Culture

A culture is defined by why you are doing what you are doing, not what you are doing. Anyone can run a company and say what they do, but to define why they do it is another story. When it comes to Tundra's culture, our President, Wayne LaJoie, sums it up pretty well:

"I've spent a lot of time with very large companies. The best times I ever had at those companies was when I had the latitude to make decisions, be responsible, be accountable, and be able to make an impact personally on something. The big draw for me coming to Tundra was the fact that it wasn't a big corporate situation. The brand was very exciting because it felt like a family, like everyone had a very important role working together; and it felt very entrepreneurial, which I love and missed. Tundra is very customer focused, very customer-centric, very entrepreneurial, very out of the box, and ready to try new ideas all of the time – and I love the challenge of that.

"It's not me walking in, punching the clock, and being a number. At Tundra, we have an opportunity to impact the customer as we grow and knowing the work we come in and do every day has a direct impact on how we treat our customers."

Wayne LaJoie, President
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