Brent Niccore
Customer Support Team Lead/Live Chat Channel Strategist
Brent Niccore
11 Yrs
with Tundra
Vita-Mix Blender
Digital Thermometer
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A Brief Q&A With Brent

Nickname: "Hardcore" Niccore

Chef Status: I love to cook and am the King of any and all breakfast. Beyond breakfast my best entrees would come off the grill.

Brent Niccore

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Comark Digital Thermometer - The PDT300 digital thermometer makes sure all your meats are cooked perfectly. No one likes over cooked dry meat and this thermometer reads temp quickly even in thin cuts of meat.

Favorite Recipe: Well, rib-eye is the steak lover’s steak, because of its excellent fat marbling. Cooking one on a red hot grill with just salt and pepper, along with a dressed baked potato on the side, would be my favorite, bad-for-your-heart recipe.

Who, or What Inspires You? My dad was the most inspiring person in my life. He could fix anything from a car to a computer and taught me how to do most of that stuff myself.

What Are You Afraid Of? Will this bungee rope hold me and not be too long? Are you sure our chute will open and land us safely? Will I be a good husband and father?

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown". This fear is what I am most afraid of.

Most People Don't Know This, But I Once... Had Spinal Meningitis when I was a baby and barely survived.

My Story: I was born in Boulder, Colorado and am a true native to the area. I grew up on 56 acres outside of Lyons, where we could roam free in the mountains. Summers were spent helping my family farm the land and throw bales of hay, while the winters we were left to play in all the snow. I graduated from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and an Entrepreneurship emphasis. After that, I was a beach bum for a couple of years in San Diego, California, and then didn’t see the sun for a couple more years in Portland, Oregon. For some reason Chief Niwot’s curse had a hold on me, and I moved back to the most beautiful place to live on the planet: the front range of Colorado. According to the Chief, the curse was its breathtaking landscape: people seeing the beauty of this valley will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty. In 2003, Tundra Specialties hired me on as a temp and I have been growing with the company ever since. There were around 35 employees when I started and right now, in 2013, we have over 135. 6 years ago I met my gorgeous wife Elisabeth in Beaver Creek, and we tied the knot on 08/11/12 at Sunrise Amphitheater. We currently live in South Boulder with our tough cat Mouser and our adventurous dog Ollie Valentine.

  • Value #1: Have Fun
  • Value #2: Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Value #3: Know Our Product
  • Value #4: Encourage people to grow and empower them to do so
  • Value #5: Express Ourselves
  • Value #6: Use Our Imagination
  • Value #7: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
  • Value #8: Stay Balanced and Maintain a Sense of Humor
  • Value #9: Keep Overhead Low
  • Value #10: Share the Gains with Our People, our Customers and the Community
  • Value #11: Work Morally, Ethically and Lawfull
  • Value #12: Pay Attention to Detail
  • Value #13: Have Fun