Don Moyer
Sr. Online Marketing Strategist
Don Moyer
7 Yrs
with Tundra
Every Weekend
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A Brief Q&A With Don

Nickname: Brasco

Chef Status: I’d classify my chef status as “lazy”. I’m actually a decent cook, but rarely take the time to do it, because I never feel like cleaning up afterwards. I’m on the go a lot, so I’ll usually just eat something I can whip up fairly quick. When I do actually feel like cooking, I make a mean chicken saltimbocca.

Don Moyer

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Victorinox 7 in Granton Edge Santoku Knife

Favorite Recipe: I like anything that has to do with shellfish. Shrimp scampi, gumbo, bacon wrapped scallops to name a few. I haven’t found a shellfish or recipe involving it that I haven’t loved and I’ll try anything I can get my hands on.

Who, or What Inspires You? I guess my answer would be life in general. I have an incredible family, great friends, and am fortunate to live in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the country. I love that everyday can be an opportunity to meet someone new or try something different. I keep myself busy whether it’s hanging with the people I love or being in the outdoors. All of those great experiences are something that will always stay with me and make me want to have more!

What Are You Afraid Of? I’m not afraid of heights, but I hate the trip up. Being on ladders, rock climbing, exposed stairs, or ledges…things like that. Once I’m at the top, I’m perfectly fine.

Most People Don't Know This, But I ... I like to watch people sleep. Creepy right?

My Story: I was born and raised in New Jersey and lived there until I was 29. I had all kinds of jobs growing up and ended up at a company that was both a competitor and supplier to Tundra. After a few conversations, I ended up applying for a job here, flying out for an interview, and moving to Colorado about 5 months later.

I’ve been in this industry for about 12 years and have done all kinds of things from order picking to account management. After landing at Tundra I had a brief stint in sales before moving to the product marketing department. After about a year of doing product type things, I started dabbling a bit in online marketing, which is where I’ve stayed. At one time or another I’ve had a hand in pretty much everything we’ve done online. Being the first person here to be an online marketer it’s been a lot of fun to watch our company and my department grow. This version of our website is the second site I’ve helped launch, and we have about 5 times the number of people working on it now.

Outside of work I’m truly one of those people that live for the weekends. There is so much to see and do here in Colorado that it’s impossible to be bored or sit still too long. I ski almost every weekend in the winter and in the summer love seeing shows at Red Rocks, camping, backpacking, floating a river, and drinking beers on a rooftop here in Boulder. Much to everyone’s dismay, I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan and religiously watch the Phillies and Eagles.

  • Value #1: Have Fun
  • Value #2: Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Value #3: Know Our Product
  • Value #4: Encourage people to grow and empower them to do so
  • Value #5: Express Ourselves
  • Value #6: Use Our Imagination
  • Value #7: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
  • Value #8: Stay Balanced and Maintain a Sense of Humor
  • Value #9: Keep Overhead Low
  • Value #10: Share the Gains with Our People, our Customers and the Community
  • Value #11: Work Morally, Ethically and Lawfull
  • Value #12: Pay Attention to Detail
  • Value #13: Have Fun