Lenny Douglas
Senior National Accounts Manager
Lenny Douglas
10 Yrs
with Tundra
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Sharpening steel
Sharpening Steel
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A Brief Q&A With Lenny

Nickname: Frickey

Chef Status: 6.5. I really enjoy cooking, but most of all I love creating new dishes. I watch a lot of Iron Chef and Chopped because those shows are all about using creativity to cook. I believe that cooking should be more free form, not about measuring everything so precisely.

Lenny Douglas

Favorite Kitchen Tool: It's really hard to narrow down to one item that is my favorite. I have almost everything I need for my kitchen, including almost 12 different cutting boards.

But the one thing I'd probably recommend to anyone that loves to cook is sharpening steel. People often think it's the same as a knife sharpener, but it's much different. What the sharpening steel does is realign the teeth of the blade so that the knife is sharp again (rather than wearing down the blade to make it sharp again). When the knife is sharpened correctly, it lasts longer and is a homerun every time for me.

Favorite Recipe: An easy recipe I really like is a good fillet marinated overnight in teriyaki sauce. I throw it on the grill the next day with some fresh veggies, drizzled with a good olive oil, and serve with homemade, pressure cooked mashed potatoes on the side. The mashed potatoes are mashed with the skins-on and mixed with heavy cream, butter, salt, pepper and garlic.

Who, or What Inspires You? I'm inspired by humble people; people that are experts in their field but remain humble. It amazes me how people can work so hard to be great at something and maintain a level of confidence, without being egotistical.

What Are You Afraid Of? Failure. You know how you feel uncomfortable doing something, but keep telling yourself to push through? I was once told that you should challenge yourself to push through the uncomfortable because success is waiting on the other side!

Most People Don't Know This, But I Once... I was born and raised in Florida and I play Ice Hockey!

My Story: I moved to Colorado right after high school and played hockey for a year as I waited to establish residency. I did college for a spell, but found my calling in sales at a local food supply company; unknowingly, sales became my career path.

One year I was at a trade show with that company and met Rob Fenton from Tundra. After talking with him, Rob asked if I'd come to Tundra to learn about an outside sales position that was open. That ended up being the beginning of my career here at Tundra, which started 10 years ago. I loved that I could build relationships with clients, and that helped me to eventually work my way through different positions here, before I landed my current position as the Director of Sales.

I remember when I started at Tundra - there were only 30 people here. Our busiest day back then was 130 boxes shipped out, and we were celebrating that. But now, we're celebrating much bigger shipping days, it's just nice to be part of that growth here at Tundra.

I have a beautiful wife and 1 year old daughter, that I enjoy spending time with. My daughter likes to climb things, so we stay busy at the park. My wife and I enjoy traveling, and last minute vacations. We love visiting Playa del Carmen (that's actually where we got married), Las Vegas, and our local casino town, Black Hawk. My wife is a figure skater and I still like hockey. We both love the ice.

  • Value #1: Have Fun
  • Value #2: Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Value #3: Know Our Product
  • Value #4: Encourage people to grow and empower them to do so
  • Value #5: Express Ourselves
  • Value #6: Use Our Imagination
  • Value #7: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
  • Value #8: Stay Balanced and Maintain a Sense of Humor
  • Value #9: Keep Overhead Low
  • Value #10: Share the Gains with Our People, our Customers and the Community
  • Value #11: Work Morally, Ethically and Lawfull
  • Value #12: Pay Attention to Detail
  • Value #13: Have Fun