Valerie Chambless
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Valerie Chambless
6 Yrs
with Tundra
Wine Corkscrew
Wine Corkscrew
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A Brief Q&A With Valerie

Nickname: V-Rae

Chef Status: 3...? Possibly a 2! Well I have ruined a pot after forgetting about the boiling water on my stove HOWEVER, when I follow the directions on the back of the box, I make some mean Tuna Helper!

Valerie Chambless

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Wine corkscrew, saver and pump!

Who, or What Inspires You? Nature inspires me to be grateful for everything life has to offer! Sun, snow or rain! I love it all!

What Are You Afraid Of? Tornados!!! They fascinate me yet I would have a heart attack if I were in one!!!

Most People Don't Know This, But I Once... I've been bungee jumping, swam with sharks and have a snowmobile!

My Story: I'm a Colorado native and I LOVE everything about my beautiful state! I had managed an ice cream shop in high school. Shortly after I graduated, I ended up being lucky enough to join the Tundra team in 2007 and here I am today working as an Accounts Receivable Specialist.

My boyfriend, Kai and I live happily in Westminster with our puppy dog Alize!!! I love hiking, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, visiting friends and family in the mountains, spending summer Saturdays at the pool, supporting local breweries... all sorts of fun stuff!