Amana commercial microwave ovens are smart, sturdy, and perfect for any industrial cooking establishment.

From its beginnings, Amana has been committed to “putting the ability in afford-ability.” The Amana Corporation was founded in 1934 by George Foerstner in Middle Amana, Iowa. Formerly known as The Electrical Equipment Co., the manufacturer was focused on commercial walk-in coolers and is also the company we can thank for producing the first consumer friendly microwave oven – which many believe shaped the history of cooking in America. Today, Amana has a versatile series of simple yet reliable commercial microwaves ideal for restaurants and institutions who require a powerful cooking machine for their kitchen.

As with many brands, Amana creates and sells equipment to cover affordable applications around the home and commercial kitchen. But Amana goes beyond the price tag and probes into what’s really going on behind the nuts and bolts. Exploring environmentally conscious production methods and working toward energy-efficient high standards are just a few of the small steps they take to lower the carbon footprint of everyone involved. Save money, save energy, and do your part to help save the planet by choosing Amana.

Continue reading below for more about the history of Amana and just how the first microwave oven was invented.

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