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Outfitting your outdoor patio is more than just adding a few patio heaters to the mix. Find the right patio table, umbrella, dinnerware and more for your restaurant.

If you thought your dining room chairs and table took a beating in the restaurant, wait until you outfit your patio. Not only does your commercial furniture have to stand up to the masses, but it also needs to stand up to the elements. From high heat to unexpected wind gusts, rain and maybe even snow, your outdoor patio furniture will be subjected to a range of temperatures and different types of precipitation.

Patio Furniture Considerations

The biggest threat to the longevity of your patio furniture is rust and mold. Rust can form quickly on materials not suited to moist environments. In addition to being unsightly, rust can also affect the quality of your furniture. When looking for chairs and tables for your patio, opt for materials like stainless steel and polypropylene and other polymer plastics. Many tabletops are made from a type of melamine as well, but look for fully sealed options that prevent the growth of mold from occurring between layers. Manufacturers like Grosfillex are also pioneering new outdoor tabletops that are extremely thin and as strong as concrete.

Just be sure you consider storage options for any outdoor tabletop you decide on. New commercial patio tables from Grosfillex collapse easily and feature a handle for easy transport. Pair that with a uniquely designed base that allows for stacking and you've got an easy setup to transform your patio from dining to dance floor quickly and easily.

Patio Dinnerware Options

Being exposed to the elements can host a few troubles when it comes to serving tables. When unexpected gusts of wind come out of nowhere, you don't want to be caught cleaning up shattered glass and broken china from guests' laps. In addition to risking the safety of your guests, you're also risking the cost of your investment--because who wants to keep funding new glassware and chinaware each week?

Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market in the 1990s. Today's melamine still boasts features like being lightweight, dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible, but now it can also brag about one more: style. Aesthetically speaking, the best part about melamine is that it doesn't look like melamine at all! New designs and textures, stoneware and wood can deceive even the most discerning eyes. Plus, for those who like the look of the wood but would prefer to avoid those negative marks from the health inspector, melamine is for you! Not only is it incredibly durable, new stylish melamine pieces make a perfect fit for any tabletop.

Polycarbonate Glassware

Out of all the pieces on your tabletop, glassware (and particularly stemware) is probably what you replace most. Glassware in particular is prone to breakage on the patios due to uneven ground (the table might be wobbly or the guest might bump into the table) and the weather (top heavy glasses don't hold up well to the wind). That's why manufacturers like Arc Cardinal have taken the time to create a polycarbonate 'glassware' that looks so much like the real thing, you won't believe it's plastic until you touch it; guaranteed to withstand thousands of washes, your outdoor BPA-free S.A.N. plastic from Arcoroc will look just as clear as when you first bought it. With tumblers and stemware options like wine glasses, cocktail glasses and more, don't run the risk of dangerous breakage and instead opt for polycarbonate glassware.

Commercial Patio Accessories

Commercial Patio Table Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a bit of a 'no-brainer' for patios. Not only do umbrellas help protect guests from the occasional drizzle that occurs during the summer season, but it's extremely helpful at blocking the heat of the sun. Patios can get really hot, and watching your guests melt into their ceviche is downright cringeworthy. Offer up some relief by filling your patio with enough umbrellas to provide coverage for all of the seats.

Commercial Patio Heaters

When it comes to dining outside on a patio, you want to make the experience as comfortable as possible for guests. Even in hot summers, a simple evening breeze can feel chilly during dinner. Add a few commercial patio heaters outside so you're always ready to keep the area warm when there's a chill in the area. The best part? With patio heaters you can typically extend the patio season by a few extra weeks on either end of the season.

Outdoor Lighting

You'll find that many municipalities have restrictions on the type of outdoor lighting you can use on your patio. With drought and dry weather rampant across many regions, open-flame candles are extremely dangerous and often banned. Lucky for you, battery-operated votive "candles" now provide a realistic, romantic flickering motion found with a real candle. Use these LED tea lights in place of the real thing in your display holders and guests won't know the difference. Of course, if you're going for a relaxed "island" vibe, then you'll want tiki torches all the way.

Patio Fencing

Patio fencing is a great way to define your patio space and keep it private for your paying guests. Not only that, many states require clear fencing in order to serve alcohol on the patio as well. Like your patio furniture, look for patio fencing that can stand up to the elements. Manufacturers like Grosfillex use a special blend of raw materials that resist ultra-violet damage like discoloration, and will not rust or splinter over time.

Fly traps

Part of the charm of eating outdoors is enjoying the environment, but not when it's impacting the enjoyment of your meal. Keep guests happy and nature at bay with a few discreetly positioned fruit fly traps. Particularly necessary for outdoor bar patios that specialize in sweet, blended beverages (a fruit fly favorite), these small traps utilize a special formula that lasts for days.

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