Globe Mixers

Commercial dough and baking mixer

Every caterer, restaurant, bistro or cafeteria relies on a commercial mixer to create their signature dishes. In this buying guide will explore the most popular types of commercial mixers and explain their uses. Whether you’re a chef who makes delicate meringues, or a baker who mixes heavy dough, Globe has the perfect mixer for you.

Types of mixers

There are three types of commercial mixers: countertop mixers, floor mixers and hand held mixers. They are available in 5 to 40 quart capacities and each has their own specialty.

Countertop mixers

Countertop mixers are also called stand mixers. They are compact units that use a mixing bowl that is designed to rest on top of their base. These versatile machines offer different mixing speeds allowing you to walk away while it mixes. This type of mixer can be used with a variety of attachments and are perfect for mixing batters and doughs. The drawback to countertop mixers is that can be heavy and they have a big footprint. If you don’t mind losing some counter space, this might be the right mixer for you.

Floor mixers

Floor Mixers are a heavy-duty commercial mixers that are used by kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants that do large qualities of mixing and kneading. They are big, stationary, industrial mixers that are gear driven and are designed to mix a high volume of product. They are the ideal mixer for bakeries, pizzerias, and large facilities that need to produce doughs or batters on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a mixer to keep up with an industrial demand, this might be a good choice for your business.

Handheld mixers

Hand mixers are much smaller than countertop mixers and their attachments quickly detach making them easy to clean. They are very easy to use and offer many mixing speeds. While they are very convenient and they offer a number of benefits, there are some disadvantage as well. Handheld mixers could be worn out quickly if you’re mixing a lot bread dough or thick batters. They also require the user’s full attention and tilting the bowl might give you a messy surprise.

Globe mixers come in a variety of sizes so finding the right one for your business shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have questions or need additional information use their mixer capacity calculator. Regardless of the type of you mixer you select, you can be sure that Globe has just what you’re looking for.