Chefs around the globe trust Comark thermometers and food safety supplies for quality, accuracy, and durability.

Here at Tundra, we hear a lot of chefs asking for “that blue thermometer” and we know they mean Comark’s pride and joy - the Comark PDT300. Comark Instruments started in 1961, and by 1963 the company was manufacturing the first of its ever-popular electronic thermometers. Having greatly expanded since the 1960s, Comark is now a leading international manufacturer of chef approved thermometers, data loggers, and other food safety instruments.

Today, the company makes instruments for the foodservice industry designed to support restaurants and other establishments in following HAACP guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration. Recently, Comark has focused heavily on the future of data logging – paperless, cloud based temperature logging systems. As Comark continues to look to the future, we can’t wait to see what innovative food safety tools they come up with next.