Commercial - Knee Valve Replacement Stems/Springs

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Knee Valve Replacement Stems/Springs Features

  • Knee valve replacement stems/springs
  • AB1953 compliant

fit perfect


easy to install- time will tell how good they will wear and how durable


eau claire wi

Knee Valve Replacement Stems/Springs

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Need dimensions of the product, as explained below I pulled out the button valve assembly of my knee valved sink. There is just no marking/make that I can find anywhere in/on the sink. I saw the picture of the valve assembly on your website and it looks exactly like mine..the oniy difference is, yours have 2 small o-rings on the shaft( the one I have has one O-ring. Can you tell me some dimensions of your product...such as: 1."stem" where the 2 O-rings are ----what is the length form tip to tip....also what is the diameter of the shaft. 2.the portion where there are threads(where the shaft goes in)----what is the length from tip to tip. I wish I had the Make of the valve, but I just kind find any.Hopefully the dimensions of your product would match mine. Thank you. Ben


Alrighty, I have attached several pictures below to show you the dimensions of the stem assembly. Shaft: 2 1/2" Long x 5/16" diameter (overall diameter is 5/8") Theaded Piece: 1 1/2" Long x 1" Wide Spring: 7/8" Long x 11/16" Diameter Hope this helps!