Encore Plumbing - KN50-X014 - Washer

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Price: $1.99/EA
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Washer Features

  • Washer
  • Low lead compliant
  • Replaces KL50-X014
  • Can replace T&S 010476-45

Replaces Manufacturer Number(s):

  • T&S Brass: 010476-45
Will this fit T&S Pre Rinse valve? T&S has an "old" and "new" seat washer, one is grey & soft, the other is white-nylon and rigid. Don't know which one is "new". We use the white in our B107 sprayer and require a supply. 1. Do you know which color is the new and which is the old? 2. whether the Fisher (CHG?) washer will fit & work in T&S? 3. Where we can the white seat washer if it doesn't? Thanks.


Thanks for contacting Tundra Restaurant Supply with your question Bill. After speaking with our technician we've determined that this CHG Encore KN50-X014 Washer will work with your pre-rinse. That said, we do not recommend using it. Here's why: - this white washer is made of a hard plastic and is known as a hard washer. Depending on the temperature running through your pre-rinse there's a possibility this washer will warp and melt. - the "new" washer from T&S is actually a black one, not a grey, and it is a soft hose washer. - the new, black washer is the one we recommend using. The T&S part number you'll want it 010476-45. We don't currently stock this washer, but we special order for customers on a daily basis. Please give a member of our team a call at 1-888-388-6372, and we'll get you the washers you need.

Andrew Call