Manitowoc - AR-PRE - Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly

Price: $209.00/EA
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Using the Manitowoc AR-PRE Pre-Filter Assembly is a lot like laying the foundation of a house. Sure, you can build your house without having a foundation, but it’s a lot safer and smarter to put down that foundation first. The same thing goes for a pre-filter. Excellent for use in areas with high particulate matter in the water, this pre-filter system attacks that particulate matter before your primary filter system goes to work. Able to be used in any ice machine, and capable of extending the efficiency and overall lifespan of your main water filter, the pre-filter system is a great way to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly Features

  • For use on any ice machine
  • Installs inline before the main filter
  • Recommended for applications with high particulate matter
  • Extends the efficiency and life of main water filter