Manitowoc - AR-PRE - Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly

Price: $170.96/ea
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Ice is great for keeping drinks and foods cold, but what happens when the ice melts and the water used is poor in quality? This is when the Manitowoc - AR-PRE - Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly comes in handy. Added to any ice machine, the Manitowoc Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly (AR-PRE) helps filter unwanted particles from the water before it is made into ice. The AR-PRE is easily installed before the main filter to stop the particles from reaching very far and helping the main filter system of the ice machine stay stronger for longer.

Arctic Pure® Pre-Filter Assembly Features

  • For use on any ice machine
  • Installs inline before the main filter
  • Recommended for applications with high particulate matter
  • Extends the efficiency and life of main water filter