OptiPure - CTOS‐CK10 - Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Price: $63.40/EA
Shipping Info: Usually Ships Within 1-3 Business Days, M-F

Replacement Water Filter Cartridge Features

  • Replacement water filter cartridge
  • 10 in (L)
  • 3M Cuno Retrofit
  • Reduces sediment down to 0.5-microns at a flow rate of 2.25 gpm
  • Uses IsoNet®, Optipure’s patented scale inhibiting technology
  • High-capacity activated-carbon filtration makes water taste great and protects equipment against corrosive chlorine
  • Provides more capacity than most 8000 Series cartridges
  • Improves the quality and consistency of cold and hot beverages
  • Can replace 3M Cuno CFS8112S, CFS8112ELS, CFS8112XS, CFS8720S, and CFS8720ELS cartridges
  • FitsBrand: 3M