OptiPure - FXI11+CR - Dual Water Filter Assembly

Price: $553.00/ea
Shipping Info: Usually Ships Within 1-3 Business Days, M-F

Dual Water Filter Assembly Features

  • Water filter assembly
  • Single filter
  • Perfect for steamers and combi ovens
  • Includes IsoNet®, Optipure’s patented scale inhibiting technology
  • Filters down dirt, rust and other debris down to the 0.5-microns
  • High-capacity activated-carbon filtration makes water taste great and protects equipment against corrosive chlorine
  • Built-in pressure gauge allowing visual monitoring of when filter needs to be changed
  • Inlet shut-off valve makes filter replacement quick and simple
  • Minimizes waste by only replacing drop-in cartridge and reusing filter sump
  • NSF certified