Eco-Products - EP-P005 - 10 in Round Sugarcane Plates

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10 in Round Sugarcane Plates Features

  • Sugarcane plate
  • 10 in (Diameter) with 3/4 in rim
  • Made from spent sugarcane pulp
  • Grease and cut resistant
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Durable molded construction
  • BPI certified compostable
  • Sold by case 500 ea per (10 packs of 50)
  • Material: Sugarcane
  • Shape: Circular
  • Sectional: No
  • Diameter: 10 in

This product is very useful


After having another set of sugarcane plates, it was a surprise how much better these looked comparatively.



10 in Round Sugarcane Plates

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How do you dispose of these plates.


Eco-Products sugarcane plates are compostable.


Will this product biodegrade if just thrown in the trash? If so how long would that take?


I checked with Eco-Products on this question just to make sure I had the correct information. This is what they had to say: If our sugarcane products were to be thrown in the trash, they would still compost, but it would take quite a while since the environment isnt ideal for products to compost in. Our products compost in a commercial composting facility within 90-120 days. Commercial facilities maintain the necessary conditions to breakdown our products in a short period of time. The temperatures within these facilities can reach 150 degrees, which is ideal for composting items. There is consistent movement/turning of the compost, and the moisture and oxygen levels all work well together to speed the process up. If our items are thrown in the trash, there is still the front end benefit since the items are made from renewable materials, rather than virgin plastics or papers.


What is the benefit to using sugarcane plates? How can these benefit my business?


Eco-Products offers a 100% compostable alternative to conventional tree-based paper products. Known as bagasse, these paper items are made from sugarcane fiber after the sugar "juice" has been extracted. Typically, sugarcane fiber is a discarded by-product from cane sugar manufacturing. Eco-Products reclaims this fiber and uses it to create products from a material that would otherwise be thrown away or burned. Bagasse is completely compostable in commercial facilities, and doesn't rely on any trees for production. It can take up to three tons of trees to make one ton of paper, and each tree can 10, 20 or even 30 years to mature. However, one ton of crushed sugarcane produces between 250 and 300 kg of bagasse, and sugarcane can be harvested every 18 months because it grows so fast. You can still use disposable "paper" products, but feel good that you are choosing a product that is made from rapidly renewable materials. Eco Products sugarcane products are all BPI certified 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities and will completely compost within 180 days. Using these sugarcane plates will reflect positively on your restaurant showing customers that you care about the world we live in!


Where are these plates made ? I would like to know more about the content of the the product.


This sugarcane plate is made in China. If you have more questions you can contact our sales team at 1.888.388.6372.