San Jamar - BT12 - Butcher's Trussing Twine

Price: $22.99/EA
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Truss meat and bunch vegetables securely with the San Jamar Butcher’s Trussing Twine (BT12). This 12-ply twine has a break strength of 26 pounds which means it’s able to be handled and sized easily yet is durable and resilient enough to not break under strain in regular use. Each cone consists of 3600 feet of string for hundreds of uses per cone. The San Jamar - BT12 - Butcher’s Trussing Twine is made from cotton so it won’t melt or otherwise harm the food on which it’s applied.

Butcher's Trussing Twine Features

  • Butcher’s twine
  • 12 ply
  • Breaking strength of 26 lbs
  • Used to tie poultry, beef, ham or seasoning bouquets
  • Cone contains 3600 ft