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As high-volume wear and tear on your commercial equipment takes its toll, breaks are bound to happen. At Tundra Restaurant Supply, we sell over 22,000 parts to cover you on everything from beverage and cooking equipment, to electrical, furniture, janitorial and more. Picking up a few easy repairs around the restaurant will save you downtime, and more importantly, money.

Check out our extensive DIY parts video library, tips on preventative measures you can take in your restaurant to avoid expensive fixes, and DIY repair categories for your commercial equipment. Want live help with a repair? Call Tundra DIY Tech Connect at 866-318-0350 to get virtual help from an experienced service tech.

DIY how-to video library

Changing gaskets – the Gasket Boss

Changing hood filters – the Baffle Boss

How to replace or install a gas hose

How to replace or install casters

How to replace your walk-in door hinge

Cut costs and save money by taking care of the easy kitchen equipment fixes yourself. Visit our #DIYSeries on YouTube to access our extensive DIY video library.

Commercial equipment preventative DIY

Routine maintenance can do a lot to prevent problems down the road. Tundra has the resources to help you take on those little everyday tasks all on your own.



A cracked refrigeration gasket can cause major issues in a commercial unit. Gaskets create a seal on your refrigerator door, keeping the cold air in and the warm air out. If you ignore cracked gaskets, you’re putting your electric bill and customers’ safety at risk.

Water filters

Water filters

Make sure you replace the water filters in your commercial ice machines or water lines every 6 months. Water filters work by removing harmful bacteria and minerals from the water. Replacing your filters will keep your customers safe, and lengthen the life of your commercial equipment.

Clean your equipment

Clean your equipment

Keeping your commercial equipment on a regular cleaning schedule is essential to the equipment’s life span. Whether you’re cleaning your ice machine with scale removers or soaking your hood filters, make sure you have the right janitorial supplies on hand for regular cleaning.

Easy DIY Fixes

While some repairs require special skills and equipment, many fixes around the kitchen are a perfect fit for a DIY approach. Find the parts you need to tackle them.

Heavy cooking equipment parts

When a heavy piece of equipment is down, like your fryer or your oven, it’s hard to keep your kitchen moving. Luckily sometimes all you need is just a part or two for an easy repair.

Food preparation equipment parts

Fixing food prep equipment like a dicer or mixer is one of the simplest DIY repairs you can make. All you need is the right replacement parts.

Refrigeration and ice machine parts

Your refrigeration equipment works hard day in and day out. Take care of it with these replacement parts you can install all on your own.

Plumbing equipment parts

Not every plumbing problem requires a plumber. We have all the valves, hoses, drain covers, and other plumbing parts you need to accomplish small plumbing jobs yourself.

When it’s time to call in a professional

For safety, there are some jobs that will always require a professional. If you need to fix burner valves, elements, gas hoses, refrigeration fans, or faucets, call in a local service tech. To save money on these more difficult jobs, rely on us for aftermarket parts that deliver the same performance for less.

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We believe in you. You can handle small repairs and maintenance yourself, saving your business downtime and money. At Tundra, we’re here to help. The next time you’re going to take on a small job in your kitchen, call Tundra DIY Tech Connect at 866-318-0350 for free virtual support from an experienced service tech.

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