2nd Annual Dreamstaurant Contest Winner: Snow & Co.

Dreamstaurant winners

With a contest that expanded a two month time period and included our panel of judges dwindling down hundreds of entries, followed by a social media voting round, we’re pleased to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Dreamstaurant Contest – Snow & Co.!

Snow & Co.’s Entry

Snow & Co.'s dream space for the second location is to be an eclectic mix of lounge and modern dining space, similar to their current location to help maintain the relationship between the two spots. Jerry’s contest entry included details to help our judges get a feel for how the new spot would look and feel:

“The walls will be brightly colored and reminiscent of the colors of winter jackets and clothes, with large overstuffed couches and chairs in a modular design allowing easy reconfiguration by the guests. Local art would adorn the walls and be available for purchase by guests. The centerpiece of the environment would be a bar with falling snowflakes in LED lights that accentuate the frozen cocktails spinning in their machines… our second location [is to open] in the northern part of KC this summer.”

Snow & Co. Today

Snow & Co. Snow & Co.

The first location of Snow & Co. is settled in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, Missouri and offers business district patrons’ fresh, frozen cocktails using locally sourced ingredients – from the fruit to the liquor and beer (yummo, Boulevard beer). Snow & Co.’s also offers freshly made appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Their current location is bright, fun and very reminiscent of the story that Jerry so vividly shared with our judges. Snow & Co. opened its doors in 2011 and is planning on opening their second location in the summer of 2014.

Join with us in congratulating Jerry and Snow & Co.! We’re excited to be part of their new journey, and hope to share more stories as their dream comes to fruition.You can learn more about Snow & Co. by visiting them on their beautiful website or on Facebook. They’re also on Twitter, and you can view images of the inside of their business here.

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