Microcore - 110.90.09640 - 8 in x 12 in Microcore Hot/Cold Pack

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8 in x 12 in Microcore Hot/Cold Pack Features

  • Easily heated in your microwave or cooled in your refrigerator or freezer
  • Re-usable
  • Safer than gel
  • Filled with non-toxic liquid
  • Microcore Hot/Cold packs distribute the heat or cold evenly
  • Can be placed in any type of container for continued heating or cooling
  • One year limited warranty
  • 3 years or 300 use lifespan
  • Maximum Heat time 1000 watt or less 3 min 45 sec
  • Maximum Heat time over 1000 watt 2 min 30 sec

I do like these pads though


Something is wrong with it. It takes 3 minutes & don't stay warm long, I haven't used the other one yet. I gt a few years ago & it was great, lasted 2-3 years!



good product


We are a meal program. We use to keep temperatures at the highest level of safety.



Excellent product, well worth the price!


I plan on using the product daily. Purchased these in the past and they are great to use as a heating pad for a sore back!




Awsome product


I found the product to be everything it claims. It heats well and can be frozen as well. The only thing I found was the size. Great for a med. size cooler but to big for a smaller one. Wish it came in a smaller size.



Comes in handy for items ...


Comes in handy for items at parties and picnics. Needed to replace the old one. Perfect.


Milw., WI

Very happy!


I loved the new inserts for my seat warmer. They are thicker but a little smaller than my old ones but they certainly do the trick...and stay warm in cold weather for at least 4 hours. I recieved my order within a week...a good purchase!


Garden City MI

8 in x 12 in Microcore Hot/Cold Pack

4.7 6


What is the liquid inside??


the diameter of the open part that goes into the shaker is 1 3/8".


Is the 8x12 shown the heavy duty version? We use them for meals on wheels and need a durable product.


I'm not sure what you are looking for when it comes to heavy duty in a hot/cold pack. The main use for these are catering applications, which seems to fit your use perfectly.


Is this heat pack a 40oz or 24oz


This hot/cold pack is the 40oz one.


does this have ammonium nitrate because im highly allergic


The microcore packs do not contain any ammonium nitrate.


I have a microcore hot pac. Could I use this pac for cold also. Or is it just to be used to keep things hot.

Trudy the housewife

This can be used hot or cold.

Community Answer

if bag is broken are the contents harmful/ if over heated is the contents of package dangerous if leak occurs?

These Microcore hot/cold packs are safer than gel & filled with non-toxic liquid.


is the magnet pad available for the heat pack


I apologize, I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say magnet pad. Speaking with a Microcore representative, she seemed to think they did not make magnet pads for the 8" x 12" Microcore Hot/Cold Pack. Please feel free to write us again in more detail and see if we can be of further assistance.

Andrew Call

I need 1st time heating instructions I have 8x10 microcore that goes inside a dearfoam pouch


First time heating instructions for the 8" x 12" Microcore Hot/Cold Pack are no different than regular heating instructions. They are as follows: • Maximum Heat time using a 1000 watt microwave or less is 3 min 45 sec • Maximum Heat time using a microwave over 1000 watts is 2 min 30 sec Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Andrew Call

need instructions for hot/cold microcore

There are a full set of instructions for the Microcore packs on the "Learn More" tab of the product page.


when frozen, are they rigid or flexable

Yes, this hot/cold pack will remain flexible when frozen. I have attached a few more options below. http://www.etundra.com/Maxcold%E2%84%A2_Natural_Ice%C2%AE_Sheet-P30014.html https://www.etundra.com/health-supplies-food-safety/food-safety-supplies/cold-ice-packs/microcore-12-in-by-15-in-microice-ice-blanket/