Commercial - Quaternary Ammonia Test Paper

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Quaternary Ammonia Test Paper Features

  • With dispenser
  • Tear off the length needed
  • Color coded test chart
  • 15 foot roll
  • For testing ammonia (quat 10)
  • Reads up to 400 ppm
  • For food industry use only
  • Note: Quat is Quaternary Ammonia

I will buy it again


I will buy it again



Quaternary Ammonia Test Paper

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Does the test strip distinguish between active and inactive concentration of sanitizer? For example, the presence of organic matter can reduce the activity of sanitizers or totally inactivate them. If you were to use a test strip on a solution of 200 ppm Quats, would the test strip still read 200 ppm even if some or all of the sanitizer had reacted with organic matter and had reduced in activity?

The short answer to the question is that test strips measure active sanitizer only. For example, chlorine test strips measure free available chlorine, not chloramines. Here is a link to Micro Essential Laboratory with lots more information about test strips: