San Jamar - SFC1200QT - Saf-Check® System - Thermometer and Quat Test Strips

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You want to make sure that you have a sanitary work environment but it isn’t always easy to maintain. The San Jamar Saf-Check® System - Thermometer and Quat Test Strips (SFC1200Qt) allows you to get a better idea of whether or not your cleaning solutions are ideal for the situation. A pocket clip, as well as a detachable carabiner makes it possible to carry the unit around without a lot of hassle. Check the temp with the thermometer and use the thumbwheel to dispense quaternary test strips. When you’re out of strips for the San Jamar - SFC1200Qt - Saf-Check® System - Thermometer and Quat Test Strips, you’ll need to order a refill roll cartridge.

Saf-Check® System - Thermometer and Quat Test Strips Features

  • Quaternary measurer with thermometer (0° to 200°F)
  • Integrated pocket clip and detachable carabiner make storage easy and keep Saf-Check™ handy
  • Easy to operate thumbwheel turns to dispense replaceable 15 foot roll of quaternary test strips
  • Includes (1) replaceable 15 foot test strip roll and (1) thermometer
  • Refillable roll cartridge protects roll from chemicals or splashing
  • Integrated bimetallic thermometer calibration tool ensures proper temperature readings
  • Two sizes (front/back) accommodate leading thermometer brands
  • Innovative Smart Scale™ makes reading test strip results easy: GREEN = safe; RED = change solution