Comark - T200L - 100 - 200 F Beverage Thermometer

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It’s important to know exactly how hot certain beverages are before they are placed in the hands of customers. Use the Comark 100 - 200 F Beverage Thermometer (T200L) to test things like milk before you combine it with espresso for a delicious treat. The five inch stem goes into the containers while the clip ensures that the thermometer is securely fastened in place. You’ll find multiple uses for the Comark - T200L - 100 - 200 F Beverage Thermometer and it will provide you some peace of mind as you create hot beverages for everyone to enjoy.

100 - 200 F Beverage Thermometer Features

  • Coffee/espresso milk thermometer
  • 100°F to 200°F
  • Easily check and confirm milk temperatures before adding to espressos, hot chocolate, lattes, and other coffee beverages
  • 5 in stem with clip - securely attaches to lip of cups or pitchers
  • Ideal for milk, lattes, hot chocolate, tea, espresso, etc.
  • Stem Length: 5 in