Comark - N2012 - Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger

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Diligence EV data loggers are lightweight and small enough to be used almost anywhere. Ideal for many applications including the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to monitor sensitive materials in transit or storage. The loggers are also ideal for building services, scientific experiments, production processes and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger Features

  • Diligence EV Thermistor Data Logger
  • Records a single temperature reading with logger alone or up to 4 separate location temperature readings with use of link box and probes
  • Memory capacity of up to16,000 readings
  • Temperature range of logger -40° to 158°F
  • Logger with probe -40° to 302°F
  • Water proof plastic housing
  • Tundra No. 81153 probe is optional