Comark - N2012 - Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger

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Keeping food items at improper temperatures could result in significant losses and other hassles. The Comark - N2012 - Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger is an excellent solution, because it gathers statistics from up to five temperature-sensitive areas, letting you keep tabs on the respective environments. Because the N2012 has a battery life of approximately five years, it’s a reliable choice. There is one temperature sensor included, but it’s possible to plug several others onto the Comark Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger (N2012) by using a special tool that’s sold separately.

Diligence EV -40 - 158 F Data Logger Features

  • Diligence EV Thermistor Data Logger
  • Records a single temperature reading with logger alone or up to 4 separate location temperature readings with use of link box and probes
  • Memory capacity of up to16,000 readings
  • Temperature range of logger -40° to 158°F
  • Logger with probe -40° to 302°F
  • Water proof plastic housing
  • Tundra No. 81153 probe is optional