San Jamar - TST9341 - Green T-Stick Thermometers

Price: $50.99/PK
Shipping Info: Usually Ships Within 1-3 Business Days, M-F

Why hassle with one expensive thermometer that is constantly at risk of cross contamination when you can use the San Jamar Green T-Stick Thermometers (TST9341) instead? The easy to read temperatures let you know when the ideal temp has been reached in just seconds. You can even save the thermometers so that you can show customers that you have taken precautions to ensure your food is safe and fresh. If you need to do any batch testing, the San Jamar - TST9341 - Green T-Stick Thermometers is ideal. There’s no sanitizing or calibrating. Just use a stick thermometer and move on.

Green T-Stick Thermometers Features

  • T-stick thermometer
  • Disposable and sanitary
  • Hot holding/serving
  • Color change if temperature above 140°F
  • 250 per pack