CDN - DOT2 - 150 - 550 F Oven Thermometer

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150 - 550 F Oven Thermometer Features

  • 150° - 550°F temperature range
  • Ovenproof
  • Durable laboratory glass lens
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 2-way mounting, stand/hang
  • NSF certified
  • 5 year limited warranty

Works and performs as it should.


There really isn't much to say. It performs as it should and the price was within the area I needed.


Walton, Oregon


Doesn't seen right


I used this along with another thermometer I have and it reads 50 degrees less that the temperature setting and the other thermometer. I tried increasing the temp so this read correct and the oven was way too hot. I'll probably return it.


Orlando, FL


received excellent reviews in Cook Illustrated is excellent


Pretty much does its't thing on it's own.

Jelly Bean

Alameda Ca


It Worked!!!


This is a great oven thermometer. I'd purchased from a local bargain store which turned dark brown after using once and it indicated my oven was off by 50 degrees!!! When I saw information about this one in Cooks Magazine, saying how accurate it is and thought I'd give it a try. It worked great. It is nice to know my oven is accurately set for baking and this thermometer didn't change color!!! It looks brand new and ready to use again as needed.


Creedmoor, NC


150 - 550 F Oven Thermometer

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