Ice-O-Matic has been dedicated to offering smart, innovative, and energy efficient commercial ice machines, storage bins, and water filters for over 60 years.

Ice-O-Matic is based in Denver, CO and is a leading manufacturer of ice related products and equipment. American made and assembled, Ice-O-Matic ice makers come in all sorts of sizes and you can choose from cubes, flakes, or Pearl Ice®. But no matter the size or ice type, Ice-O-Matic believes strongly in the importance of a simple ice machine that’s easy to operate (and clean!). You just want your ice machine to make ice, and that’s it! But simple design doesn’t mean poor quality. These ice machines are so efficient, they boast producing 25-50 pounds more ice per day when compared to other manufacturers’ machines. That comes out to 40-80 tons when you consider the average life span of 10 years for these babies.