Carlisle - 4056100 - 18 in Horsehair Broom Head

SKU: CFS4056100
Price: $225.99/1DZ
Shipping Info: Usually Ships Within 5-7 Business Days, M-F

For keeping your floors clean and free of debris, the Carlisle - 4056100 - 18 inch Horsehair Broom Head has polypropylene filament bristles that are lightly crimped and flagged. The 4056100 has two threaded handle holes and a wide hardwood block that allows you to switch directions. Measuring at 24 inches with 3-inch bristle trim, the Carlisle 18 inch Horsehair Broom Head (4056100) is resistant to chemicals and moisture. This broom head comes in a case of 12, so you always have one on hand anywhere you need it.

18 in Horsehair Broom Head Features

  • Broom head
  • 18 in (L)
  • Horsehair and polypropylene bristle construction
  • Handle not included
  • Made in USA
  • Sold by the case of (12) broom heads