Winco - OM-13 - 13 in Oil Mop

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13 in Oil Mop Features

  • Oil mop
  • 12 3/5 in (L) x 1/2 in (W) x 1/2 in (H)
When you say oil mop is that the name of the mop or does the mop have oil in or on it? Can this mop be put in soapy water to do cleaning? If the mop has oil in or on it does it make things slippery?


This is the name of the mop itself, it does not contain actual oil, and is used for basting oil and marinades on roasts or BBQ food items. However, you can use this 13 inch utensil as you wish. Please note, that this does not have any kind of replacement heads as a typical cleaning mop would.


This product is used in cooking to brush on oil or marinade.

Community Answer

Can this mop be used to mop floors behind small hard to reach areas and if not do you have such a product.


This Oil Mop was not necessarily designed for that application, but can certainly be used as you wish. Keep in mind that it is only 13 inches long with no replacement heads.


what is an oil mop?


This Oil Mop is used for basting marinades and sauces on a BBQ or roast. You will often see these mops in a BBQ pit.