Bobrick - 2621-8 - Knob Latch

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Use the Bobrick - 2621-8 - Knob Latch as a replacement part when you need a new one for a variety of different Bobrick accessory units. Convert a keyed locking unit into a non-keyed one, for example. The 2621-8 knob latch helps you gain access with ease without impeding speed. Not all parts are good for life, and when you need the Bobrick Knob Latch (2621-8) to replace something that is worn out, it is a good, long-lasting option that can help a variety of units.

Knob Latch Features

  • Replacement knob latch
  • Fits Bobrick models: B-262, B-2620, B-2621, B-26212, B-359, B-2888, B-3888