San Jamar - KLP250 - Kleen Plug™ Beer Tap Brush and Cap

Price: $127.91/pk50
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It’s important to keep contaminants out of your beer taps and sometimes you want to seal up the beverage station drains to keep the area clean. You can use the San Jamar Kleen-Plug Beer Tap Brush (KLP250) in both instances. The plug is easy to use and when compared with other methods and options, comes out to be an affordable choice. If you’ve got a large beverage area that you want to protect, you can chain them together to easy reach every tap, ensuring you don’t lose any individual pieces. The San Jamar - KLP250 - Kleen-Plug Beer Tap Brush is versatile and easy to use.

Kleen Plug™ Beer Tap Brush and Cap Features

  • Kleen Plug™ beer tap brush and cap bulk pack
  • Use to keep beer taps clean overnight
  • Brush and plug keeps fruit flies out of beer taps
  • Removes yeast sediment for fresher, better tasting beer
  • Stepped design fits into a variety of beer tap openings
  • Can be chained together
  • Bulk pack contains 50 plugs
  • Sold by the pack of 50