Victorinox - 42990 - Coarse/Fine Replacement Sharpening Stone

SKU: FOR42990
Price: $30.99/EA
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No kitchen is complete without a Victorinox 42990 Combination Stone to help you keep your blades sharp. A dull blade makes even the simplest slicing tasks stressful. Not only does it take longer to power through product, but the extra force put into using a dull blade can be a quick avenue to an accident. Keep your blades performing at their best with a quality sharpening stone! This double sided stone has a coarse side for reshaping and reforming your edge and a fine side for honing, strengthening, and finishing. The Crystolon Combination Stone is particularly good at sharpening badly worn blades quickly and is the perfect companion piece to any kitchen kit!

Coarse/Fine Replacement Sharpening Stone Features

  • Sharpening stone
  • 8 in (W) x 2 in (H) x 1 in (D)
  • Crystolon bench coarse/fine
  • Silicon carbide combo stone
  • Texture: Combination
  • Whetstone: No