Bron Couke - 3839 - Stainless Steel Mandoline Set

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As a professional chef, you count on a sharp, easy-to-use mandoline slicer that’s perfect for creating paper thin slices of vegetables for an elegant salad, or a crunchy slaw for fish tacos. Made of stainless steel for added durability, the Bron Couke Professional Mandoline Set is a versatile tool used for more than simply making house-made french fries (though those are delicious too). Quickly julienne, matchstick, french fry, and slice vegetables faster with this trusty mandoline at your side.

Stainless Steel Mandoline Set Features

  • Bron Couke Professional Mandoline Set Sold w/Stainless Steel Guard
  • Includes a julienne cutter with 3mm/10mm cuts, waffle plate, center plate and pusher/guard
  • Levers on the mandoline allow for gradual thickness adjustments up to 1/2” slices
  • Produces perfect julienne, matchstick, french fry and waffle cuts on any vegetable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Imported from France
  • Note: Works with the rounded, plastic safety hand guard (part #10201 from Eurodib), sold separately
  • Blade Length: 4.5 in
  • Blades Included: 2 Blades

Professional grade ...


Professional grade device, easy to clean, cuts well.

Terry T


no extra blades


I'm giving it for a Christmas gift so I haven't used it. BUT I have a different model, same brand that comes with 4 or 5 interchangeable blades with graduated widths and assumed this one had that capability. I read that the blades were fixed, but I assumed that somehow the width was adjustable. BOO!



Saves time and fingers for everyday easy use


I bought this product after careful research of what was available in the mandoline category. Had it for a week and have used it every day for slicing using the included food pusher that protects hands and fingers from the blades. Cleans up easily under running water. Do watch the online You Tube video on the Bron-Coucke 38/39 mandoline as it makes setting up and using this easier right off the bat. I'm still on a learning curve for the fancier crinkle cut and gaufrette cut veggies, but slicing is a dream and is so much easier than hauling out the food processor, being satisfied with only 1 thickness of cut, and then having to clean the food processor. Get yourself one 7mm one 10mm wrench to tighten bolts if needed (bolts have not needed tightening as yet) and also to disassemble the slicer blade for occasional sharpening. Also get a sharpening stone and some sharpening stone oil safe for kitchen use.


San Francisco Bay Area

Reliable product


Still one of the best mandolines out there. No parts to lose or misplace, and sturdy construction.

Chef MikeR


professional quality


I am a cook for a fine dining restaurant. We have had this same mandoline for 20+ years and love it. I would not buy any other mandoline.


Safety Harbor, Fl

Great piece of cookware!


It was delivered promptly and packed professionally. Right out of the box I knew just how to operate the mandolin because of viewing the videos on your website. Slices thin and thick exactly the way we wanted.



The right tool for the job!


This thing is quality from one end to the other! I researched these thoroughly and this is absolutely terrific! Get the Bron model that has four (4) rubber feet (not just two), it really helps it stay put, but you still do need to hold the back legs when slicing. I went back and forth on whether to get this model with all the blades on board, or the one with a separate set of blades. Glad I went with this one. All you do is make easy adjustments with the two "T" shaped metal levers to raise/lower the cutting planes, and turn the side lever to rotate the desired blade into place. The way I looked at it...I'm going to have to wash the whole thing anyway, so the blades on board instead of separate was just fine. Yes, they're sharp, but you have to be very careful with them wether they're attached or separate. First up, scalloped potatoes....made real short work of a 5 lb bag of taters! Probably 10 mins ....and that's just cuz I was adjusting and playing with all the doo-hickies! There was no wastage (as some have complained about with other units), food holder allowed entire potato to be sliced. This is a strong, well built, easy to adjust and very heavy duty unit. Well worth the price. A welcome addition to my kitchen!





You had the best price. Shipping was promt. Product was as described. My daughter loves her mandoline.


Shepherdstown WV

Built to last


Prompt delivery. Good customer service. Of all the mandolins this was one of the best reviewed..



Stainless Steel Mandoline Set

4.8 9


Please provide country of origin


This is made in China.

Community Answer

I need instructions for this model.


Hi Sue. Thanks for reaching out to Tundra Restaurant Supply. I've tracked down the instruction manual for your Bron 37/38 Stainless Steel Mandolin Set. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull it to our site, so I can't directly link to it. Here is a link to Bron's product page for this mandoline: You'll notice near the bottom right corner some text linking to "Handbook". This is the document you want. The first section is in French, but about 1/3 of the way down you'll find the section printed in English.

Andrew Call

What are the dimensions of this product?


This Bron mandolin is 2" H x 5" W x 16" D.


Minimum slice what is the thinest this mandolin will slice ? i read it slices upto 1/2" .........i need one that will do 'paper thin'......


I talked to a representative about this mandolin and they said it will cut 3mm slices. You can also buy additional cutters to make even thinner slicers (2mm). If you are interested in the additional cutter, please contact our sales team at 1.888.388.6372 and tell them you need a Bron #11660 cutter.


What is the polycarbonite hand guard - a hand guard comes with this unit - why do we need a second?


The guard that is separate is much larger. I have attached am image below to show you the difference. It basically attaches over then knob. If you would like to order the secondary guard, please call our sales team at 1.888.388.6372.


How to I purchase the ploycarbonate hand guard that is shown in the users manual for the 38/39 mandolin?

You can call our sales team at 1.888.388.6372 and let them know that you need the hand guard for Bron's 38/39. They can get you exactly what you need.


How do I order parts 10644, 11660, and 19638?

You can call our sales team at 1.888.388.6372 and let them know you have a Bron 38/39 but need replacement blade sets. They can help you find exactly what you need.


Where can I get a user's manual for bron mandoline slicer I was given a Bron Coucke Professional Mandoline Food Slicer w/ Guard 38/39 when my mother past away and I'm not sure on how it works. I am needing a User's Manual for this item and cant find one. Anyone know where I can find a User's Manual for this slicer?


The owners manual is in the ""Learn More"" tab. When you click the PDF, make sure to go to page 6 for English instructions. I also posted a video demonstration that should help. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our sales team at 1.888.388.6372.


I got one online prior to purchasing the mandoline. The online manual version does not have the new end table guard that came attached to the mandoline I recently purchased, but everything else was the same and the mandoline works the exact same way as the rest of the product diagrams are spot on.

Does this bron have 4 rubber legs?


This Bron Mandolin does have four rubber feet.


Is this Bron Mandoline Model #2740 ?

This is Bron Coucke mandoline model 38/39 for which you can view an online You Tube video.

The model number for this Bron Mandolin is 38/39.