Tomato Slicers

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No matter what the season, nothing beats a mouthwatering burger, and some would argue that you’ve got to have a thick slice of tomato sitting on top of that patty, or else you’re doing it wrong. Because burgers aren’t the only way to enjoy a juicy tomato, and those slices are typically used all over the menu, having a reliable method to slice and dice those beefy veggies, is essential in the commercial kitchen. Tomato slicers are a great addition to any food prep kit, and turning an afternoon’s worth of tomatoes into perfectly cut slices is no problem when you’ve got a slicer working for you.

Did you know that technically tomatoes are considered the fruit of the plant because they are created from the ovary of the flower they bloom from, but in the kitchen we use them as vegetables, hence the reason we call them veggies.

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