San Jamar - SI8500 - Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack

Price: $96.99/EA
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The San Jamar Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack (SI8500) is an NSF certified, dishwasher safe ice handling package that enables your staff to transport up to 25 pounds of ice at once. This package comes with a 6 gallon ice bucket and a 64 ounce Saf-T ice scooper. The scooper uses a Guardian System that can be mounted on or near your establishment’s ice bin to make scooping ice easy and convenient. San Jamar - SI8500 - Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack features an integrated handle to make the transportation of the ice bucket as comfortable as possible.

Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack Features

  • Ice handling value pack
  • Prevents ice contamination at the ice machine
  • Includes (1) Saf-T-Ice Tote (SI6000) & (1) 64-86 oz Saf-T-Scoop & Guardian System (SI9000)
  • Designed to work together - scoop directs ice into ice tote eliminating spills
  • Scoop holder has removable drainage cap
  • NSF certified