Commercial - 48" x 21" Ceiling Mount Pot Rack

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48" x 21" Ceiling Mount Pot Rack Features

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Supplied with 24 hooks
  • Width: 21”
  • Length: 48”
  • Hooks Included: 24 Hooks
  • Length: 48 in
  • Placement: Hanging

Large and Sturdy


I've always wanted a pot rack and I had some dead space in my kitchen next to the downstairs stairwell that seemed like the perfect fit. I looked around for a rack at the usual places but was unimpressed by the overall design, strength and cost of what I was coming across. I was planning on hanging a lot of pots and pans (some very heavy) so mounting into the ceiling joists was the only option. Since my joists are on 24" centers, I wanted something about 48" long so the chains could hang as straight as possible as that provides the most strength. My main reservation before purchasing this was the cost and the industrial appearance. This was one of the more expensive racks I was considering but it also had the best construction so I felt it justified the price. I would have preferred an anodized (dark) finish but felt that it would still fit in (my appliances are stainless). Assembly didn't take long, just a few bolts. Hanging took a bit more time (all of the mounting hardware was included) but that will vary depending on your situation. I have a popcorn ceiling (not my choice) so using a stud finder doesn't work very well. Turns out magnets work well to find the drywall screws and once you find a few of those you can get a pretty good idea of where the joists are. Made the measurements for the holes and used a small drill bit to start the hole and to make sure I hit the joist before I made a larger hole with a larger drill bit. Once I had the holes drilled I screwed the hooks in and hung the rack. Played around with the chain length (I have 9' ceilings) to get the desired height then cut the chain to length. Loaded it up with pots and pans and I've been happy ever since.



48" x 21" Ceiling Mount Pot Rack

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What type of metal was used in making the Rack?


This rack is made of aluminum.


How long is the chain from the ceiling?

The four sections of chain included with the Commercial 48" x 21" Ceiling Mount Pot Rack are each 24" long.


The chain that comes with this pot rack is adjustable at about 1 inch increments.


What is the thickness, width and material? Commercial 48"x21" Ceiling Mount Pot Rack Price: 248.90/ea


It is 1/4" thick, 21" wide, and made of aluminum.