Cambro - ECC1580 - Camshelving® Elements Corner Connector Set

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When establishing and utilizing your shelves, versatility and maximization is paramount. Cambro’s Camshelving® Elements Corner Connector Set (ECC1580) makes customizing your storage space even easier. With the connector set you can create shelving structures that form around corners at 90 degree angles and can even use them to create U-shaped storage areas. Each set is capable of sustaining a rack with up to 300 evenly distributed pounds so that even the connection space is utilized and not just the main portions of the shelving units.

Camshelving® Elements Corner Connector Set Features

  • 2-piece Elements Series Camshelving® connector set
  • Attaches a stationary unit to a second unit at a 90° angle or to form a U-shaped unit
  • A set of corner connectors are needed for each shelf
  • Corner connectors are recommended for use on traverses equal to or shorter than 48 in (1220 mm)