Commercial - 23 Gallon Magnetic Flatware Retriever

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23 Gallon Magnetic Flatware Retriever Features

  • Fits 23 gallon “Slim Jim” rectangular container
  • Raises height of container less than 1”
  • Fits approx. 12” X 20” top
  • Type 18/8 flatware will not attach to any magnet
  • Magnetically catches and holds flatware
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Trash Can Size: 23 gal

Does not work with heavier items.


We run a restaurantes and purchased this to make sure we werent throwing silver ware away inadvertantley. It only works with our teaspoons and evento then, only when they fall close to the si de walls. If it is dropped on the Center or the opposite sides, it falla right through. This product is very effective for lightweight cutlery. If you have heavier handled items, it will no work.

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23 Gallon Magnetic Flatware Retriever

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What are the measurements of the inner part that goes downward? Trying to figure out if it will fit on a cabinet top with a hole in it (instead of putting it on a trash can). Thanks


The top of the opening on this flatware retriever measures approximately 12 inches by 7 inches.


I actually have 2 questions? 1)Will this product fit in a round 55 gallon trash can or can you suggest a product that will? 2)Will this product collect silverware that is 18/8 or 18/0?


No, this magnetic flatware retriever will not fit a round 55 gallon trash can. This is the one that you should be looking into: These flatware retrievers will collect anything that is magnetic, and yes those steels are magnetic.


For your purposes you would want the San Jamar - KA5500 - Katchall 55 Gal Red Flatware Retriever.

Community Answer

can you suggest a product that will solve my disappearing 18/10 silverware problem? i'm desperate. Thanks


Well, the answer to your disappearing silverware problem is NOT any kind of magnet, because your silverware is such high quality that it's not magnetic (impurities in metal are what give metal its magnetism, and you silverware just doesn't have enough impurities). What I'd recommend is a kind of soak process/ special bin where your employees can deposit flat ware. Check out the bin I'm attaching bellow. Just get your employees into the habit of scraping the food off, then depositing the flatware in the bin. Also, if you are interested in a more advanced soak system for your flatware, call 1-888-388-6372 for some additional advice.

John: Look at our web page-flatware saver. It will solve your problem. Call me for information Otto Glaser 713-896-9935 or

Will this catch 18/10 silverware?


No it will not, 18/10 silverware does not have enough magnetism to work with that retriever.