Looking to save money on your restaurants opening costs?

Leasing restaurant equipment is a great way to get the appliances and equipment you need today. Financing allows for customers to spread payments out over time and allows the equipment to pay for itself, while keeping cash in hand for working capital and staying away from big upfront payments that would come with a traditional bank loan.

With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, our team members have been working with our customers to find the appropriate financial solutions to their needs. And because we have multiple financing and leasing options, we’re able to work with you to find the program right for your needs.

We have partnered with Pinnacle Capital Partners, who is able to help get your restaurant up and running, while keeping start-up costs low.

Benefit Lease Cash Bank
Funding Purchase Must Have Cash Up Front Large Down Payments & Associated Fees
Easily Upgrade & Add Equipment Would Require New Loan
Match Payments to Cash Flow Needs Must Have Cash Up Front Limited Flexibility
Avoids Affecting Bank Lines of Credit Will Affect Bank Lines of Credit
Defer Payments Until Equipment Generates Benefits/Revenue Must Have Cash Up Front Repayment Begins Immediately
Get Same-Day Approval Not Applicable Could Take Days or Weeks

With multiple leasing options, the majority of your equipment financing needs can be met through Pinnacle. As an example of one of our leasing programs, the Baker’s Dozen allows for a minimum order of only $3,000, as well as other great benefits:

Baker's Dozen Leasing Plan
  • Payment = cost of equipment / 12 months
  • Term = 13 months
  • Own equipment after final payment – with approved credit (WAC)

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