Exciting news! TundraFMP’s new and improved Loyalty Program will be launching in Q2 2023

April 2023 will be the last Loyalty Redemption Month in the current program. But don’t worry, no points will be lost in the transition for existing members and they will continuing earning credits to redeem in the new program.

NEW program benefits:

  • In addition to receiving points on every purchase and the ability to use your points during Loyalty Redemption Months, you’ll also:
    • Be able to see the points you can earn on every single individual product
    • Be rewarded bonus points to redeem during the Loyalty Redemption Months, depending on your spend level

Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, see all your questions about our current Loyalty Program answered below.

TundraFMP's Loyalty Program

At TundraFMP Restaurant Supply we know that doing good business is more than just offering the lowest price—it's about providing excellent customer service for our customers. We know you have a choice when it comes to shopping for restaurant parts, supplies and equipment, and we thank you for choosing us.

As part of our loyalty program, you can earn up to 5% credit back on every dollar you spend while shopping online at www.etundra.com. Continue earning credits all quarter long and then apply those credits towards purchases in the first month of the following quarter. For example, stock up on much-needed supplies January through March, then use those credits towards any purchases (like that new blender you've been eyeing) in the month of April!

TundraFMP's Loyalty Program makes it easy to earn credits. Set up a free account on eTundra.com to enroll. Log into "My Account" on Etundra.com to check your credit balance. When we enter a loyalty redemption month (don't worry, we'll remind you about that too) apply those credits to future purchases—it's that easy!

  1. Loyalty Program FAQ
  2. Loyalty Program Rules

Got more questions? Contact us at loyalty@etundra.com

Loyalty Program FAQ

Who is eligible for TundraFMP's Loyalty Program?
Anyone who purchases on eTundra.com and lives within the USA, and does not have special pricing or other contractual agreements with us, is eligible for TundraFMP's Loyalty Program. But you'll find that it's our loyal customers who earn the most credits. The more you keep eTundra.com as your one-stop-shop for your foodservice equipment, supplies, and parts needs, the more credits you earn.

Unfortunately, international customers (even those in US territories) and customers who receive special pricing or other contractual agreements are ineligible for the program.

How does TundraFMP's Loyalty Program work?
Every purchase you make during a quarter (Q1: January-March, Q2: April-June, Q3: July-September, Q4: October-December) will earn up to 5% credit back. Those credits will be available to apply to purchases in the first month of the following quarter (January, April, July, and October).

Why do I have to wait to use my credits?
To make the most of your credit earning potential, TundraFMP's Loyalty Program allows you to earn credits over a 3-month period. The credits earned during this time period are available to redeem during the 4th month.

What is the difference between "Pending", "Earned", and "Available" credits?

  • Pending. These are credits from purchases that have not yet shipped. Once your products ship, these credits will then be considered earned.
  • Earned. These credits are reflective of the products you have purchased, and have been shipped to you.
  • Available. These are the credits available for you to use on purchases now (during the Redemption Period).

Will I be notified of my available credits?
Yes! We will email you when your credits are available for use, and again when they are about to expire. You can always check your balance in the "My Account" section of eTundra.com at any point.

Do credits expire?
Yes, available credits expire at the end of the month in which they are available for redemption, so don't miss out! We will email you to let you know when your earned credits are available for redemption and will send another reminder email before they expire.

How do I use my credits?
During the checkout process, on the order review page, there will be a section in which you can apply credits to the order. Be sure to indicate how many credits you want to apply to that order, you may use as little or as much as you’d like. After you add a numerical value into the field, click "Apply Credits" to apply that amount of credits to your order. Remember, you must be logged in to your account to use your credits.

Loyalty Program in checkout

Can I use my credits when checking out with PayPal?
Yes, just make sure you are logged in to eTundra.com when you begin your transaction.

Do I earn credits on tax and shipping?
Wouldn't that be nice, but unfortunately no. Credits are only earned from merchandise purchased and would therefore be calculated on the merchandise subtotal before tax and shipping are applied.

Can I use my credits on tax and shipping?
No, credits can only be used on merchandise purchased.

I cancelled/returned my order; can I keep my earned credits?
Well that wouldn't be fair, would it? If you cancel or return your order, the credits will be forfeited.

Is there a minimum value before I apply my credits?
Not at all, you can use your credits on any merchandise purchased, no matter the value.

I cancelled/returned my order after my credits expired, can I get them back?
No, credits will remain expired.

Why do I have a negative balance in my credits?
If you redeemed your available credits and later return your original order where you had earned those credits, you could see a negative balance.

What if multiple people use my account?
Anyone who has access to your account (i.e. you gave them permission to login with your credentials or they have their own login credentials) can potentially earn and redeem credits for that account. Credits are tied to the account itself, for instance: a restaurant manager, owner, and chef all have access to the same account with different logins. Just as they can see all purchases made on that account, they can see all credits earned on that account. When it comes to redeeming credits, any of them can redeem the credits that are earned on the single account.

Can I use my credits on purchases when I call TundraFMP?
No, the credits are only available for use on our website, www.etundra.com, but the credits can be used on any merchandise purchase that is made through our site.

I forgot to use my credits; can I roll them over to the next month?
As the saying goes, "You snooze you lose;" but the point isn't about missing out, it's about saving you money – which is why we'll make sure to remind you that your credits are about to expire before the end of the month.

Can I get cash back for credits I don't use?
Credits don't hold any cash value outside of being used on etundra.com towards merchandise purchases.

Loyalty Program Rules

The TundraFMP Loyalty Program ("TLP") is open to all US residents at least 18 years of age, who have an active account with eTundra.com and do not have pre-negotiated terms with TundraFMP Specialties, DBA TundraFMP Restaurant Supply. Communications about the TLP, including rule changes, will be sent via email or posted at www.etundra.com/loyalty-program. Your account credits are non-transferable and are subject to present and future TLP rules. Your account credits are only valid at www.etundra.com. Use of account credits is voluntary. The TundraFMP Loyalty Program rules are subject to change without advance notice. TundraFMP Restaurant Supply may, at any time, terminate or modify the TLP by posting changes at www.etundra.com/loyalty-program.

Earning Credits
We will track your purchases under your eTundra.com account and maintain a balance of your online purchase activity. Credits are valued as a percent of each piece of merchandised purchased, up to 5%, and will be eligible once that merchandise has shipped (“Earned Credits”). Earned Credits are accrued during a single business quarter (Q1: January-March, Q2: April-June, Q3: July-September, Q4: October-December). You must login with your eTundra.com account at the time of your online purchase. If you do not login with your eTundra.com account, those purchases will not be included in your Earned Credits. Retroactive credits for purchases made without logging into your eTundra.com account will not be granted. Your total Earned Credits are based on your qualifying purchases, less all discounts, coupons, price reductions, credit redemptions, and returns. Your Earned Credits do not include sales taxes, shipping charges, or other fees. Other types of purchases may be excluded from your Earned Credits in the future. Earned Credits will show under “My Account” when online purchased merchandise has shipped. Credits will not become available for use until merchandise has shipped, even during a redemption period.

You will receive notification via email when your Earned Credits are available for use. You must be opted-in to receive emails from TundraFMP Restaurant Supply to receive such notifications. You can also check your Earned Credits status by logging into eTundra.com.

Available Credits
Earned Credits become available in the first month of the following quarter (“Redemption Period”) - January, April, July, October. Only credits associated to orders that have shipped in the prior quarter are available to be applied towards purchases during the Redemption Period (“Available Credits”). Credits that have not shipped are considered pending (“Pending Credits”) and are not available during the Redemption Period. Pending Credits will be rolled over to the next available Redemption Period if they do not ship before the end of the purchasing quarter. Available Credits expire at the end of the Redemption Period.

Applying Credits
Available Credits can be applied towards all purchases during the Redemption Period, less sales taxes, shipping charges, and other fees. There is no required minimum purchases amount to apply credits. Available Credits can only be used online at eTundra.com. You must be logged in to use your Available Credits. Available Credits are not transferable and can only be used by the account to whom they were issued. Earned/Pending/Available Credits have no cash value and accordingly no cash will be paid for any Credits. Available Credits may not be redeemed for prior purchases. Other exclusions may apply and will be posted at etundra.com/loyalty-program from time to time.

Returned Merchandise
If you return merchandise for which you previously received Earned/Pending/Available credits, we will adjust your Earned/Pending/Available Credits to reflect the return and we may immediately cancel any outstanding Earned/Pending/Available Credits previously issued to you.

International Orders
TundraFMP Restaurant Supplies invokes the help of a third party service to process all internationally shipped orders. Due to this relationship and the way orders are processed, the TundraFMP Loyalty Program is not valid for any international orders where the shipping address is outside the United States of America. This includes but is not limited to, US Territories, International Military Bases, and US Embassies.

Membership Communications
For more information about the TundraFMP Loyalty Program, your Earned/Pending/Available Credits, please contact us at loyalty@etundra.com. Please include your account information in your inquiry.

General Program Information
The TundraFMP Loyalty Program is brought to you by TundraFMP Restaurant Supply. By participating in the TLP, you agree to receive advertising, marketing materials, and other communication from TundraFMP Restaurant Supply, its parent company Diversified Foodservice Supply, and other affiliate companies including Allpoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies, Franklin Machine Products, Restaurant Parts & More, Restaurant Discount Warehouse, Hoodfilters.com, DSI Parts, Inc. KNG, and Mill Hardware. You acknowledge and agree that all Earned/Pending/Available Credits are delivered to you under this program without payment of any fee or other consideration whatsoever. All Earned/Pending/Available Credits distributed pursuant to the TLP are promotional in nature and are not paid for by you, nor do you own any right, title, or interest in them unless or until you redeem them under the rules set above.