Mavrik™ OEM-equivalents

Your best choice for safety and reliability


Mavrik parts are built for those who blaze their own trails.

OEM parts and Mavrik OEM-equivalents are often made in the same factory. That means that Mavrik parts meet the exact same requirements as the name brands. You may think that paying premium prices means that you're getting safer parts, but you're really paying more for the name on the label. Mavrik OEM-equivalent parts go through rigorous testing and must meet strict quality standards, many of them coming with industry-recognized certifications.

All their testing ensures equal to or better performance than the OEMs. In a time when many restaurant operators are choosing to repair rather than replace, Mavrik parts can help you get the longevity you need out of your commercial kitchen equipment.

Because we’re so confident you’ll love them, Mavrik parts have an incredible 180-day warranty and a risk-free 90-day hassle-free return policy.

Trust Mavrik parts for your next repair.

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