Cambro - 6RS6480 - 2-Tier Versa Condiment Bin Set

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Condiments allow everyone to customize their food, creating the ideal combination for consumption. But condiments can make a big mess and be tough to keep organized if you don’t have the right bins on hand. The Cambro 2-Tier Versa Condiment Bin Set (6RS6480) is perfect for condiments, napkins, and even utensils. This Cambro condiment set saves space, and you can leave it out on the counter or attach it to a wall, whatever works for your area. The set is easy to assemble and even easier to keep clean. This set comes with six bins to utilize.

2-Tier Versa Condiment Bin Set Features

  • Condiment bin set
  • Seamless plastic
  • 20 1/8 in (W) X 17 1/4 in (H) 9 1/4 in (D)
  • 5 year pro-rated warranty
  • Stand alone or wall mountable
  • 10 lb capacity per bin
  • Material: Plastic
  • No. of Compartments: 6 Compartments