Cambro - WW1000LS148 - Camwear® Camliter® Pour Spout Lid

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The Camwear® Camliter® Pour Spout Lid (WW1000LS148) is ideal for liquid ingredients during food prep. Paired with same sized Cambro decanters, this Cambro spout lid fits snugly on top with no leakage. Beverages and other liquid ingredients stay covered, but the small opening for the spout gives easy access to the liquid by just pouring with one hand. Having extra Cambro lid replacements helps in a pinch when one has become contaminated and needs to be cleaned. Being dishwasher safe and stackable means you can always have one on hand in the kitchen or food prep area.

Camwear® Camliter® Pour Spout Lid Features

  • Camliter® pour spout lid
  • Protects contents while allowing a free pour
  • Fits 1 1/2 , 1, and 1/2 liter Camwear® decanters
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sold by the case of 1DZ
  • Material: Plastic