FIFO - 16 oz Thin Tip Squeeze Bottle

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16 oz Thin Tip Squeeze Bottle Features

  • FIFO “first in first out” squeeze bottle
  • 2 1/2 in diameter
  • Wide mouth opening on both ends for sanitary food rotation
  • Non drip lid
  • Green plastic dispense cap
  • Great for thinner sauces
  • Bottle is compatible with FIFO Portion Control Dispenser
  • Clear plastic
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Color: Clear
  • Style: Inverted

Good product just needs one change


I like the bottle there is just one problem /i bought two different size poursone for thin liquids/sauces, one for thicker sauces. The problem is i don't know which bottle is which as the blue valve is the same color on all the bottles. You, need to change the color of one of them either the thin or the thick how about to red, then we could know them apart. Untill that happens I will not recomend anyone buy both types in the same order, till you get one set home and washed and labled so you know what there for. Then order the other type if you need the two different pours FIFO Squeeze Bottle w/ THICK/THIN Dispense Cap



16 oz Thin Tip Squeeze Bottle

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