FIFO - 280-1641 - Bottle Label Sheet

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Bottle Label Sheet Features

  • FIFO Label sheet
  • Sheet of 24 standard labels including four blank labels
  • Labels can be washed in dishwasher
  • Great for use with Portion Pal® portion control dispensers
  • Length: 11”
  • Width: 8 1/2”

Could use a few more blanks


I have not washed them with the lables on yet but they are stuck nicely to the jars I used them on



Bottle Label Sheet

4.0 1


Can you customize these stickers? Can we get these stickers customized to have the topping we use printed on them?


I have tried to find a place that will do it and I have not yet.

Hummus House

I am sorry, we can not customize these FIFO cap labels. However, each pack includes 4 blank labels for your convenience.