San Jamar - B500 - Speed Rack Hanger Straps

Price: $17.29/PR
Shipping Info: Usually Ships Within 1-3 Business Days, M-F

It’s nice to have all of your bottles within arm’s reach during a busy night. The San Jamar Speed Rack Hanger Straps (B500) is made to work with the single speed rail (sold separately) so that you can set up a speed rail that fits perfectly for your space. The San Jamar - B500 - Speed Rack Hanger Straps are portable, allowing you to create a similar set up in a new location for catering or bar tending at an event. Made of stainless steel, the straps are rust-resistant and help your rails remain securely in place.

Speed Rack Hanger Straps Features

  • Hanger straps
  • For single speed rail
  • Stainless steel
  • Sold by the pair