Grindmaster - 77110E - 10 Gallon Single Automatic Coffee Urn

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The Grindmaster 10 Gallon Single Automatic Coffee Urn (77110E) is an excellent high-capacity coffee brewing system to quickly brew large volumes of coffee and keep it hot and fresh with as few steps as possible. With settings for a half or full batch at the push of a button and automatic water compartment refill, the Grindmaster - 77110E - 10 Gallon Single Automatic Coffee Urn is versatile enough to keep up with the busiest days and minimize waste on slower days. A convenient hot water spout dispenses hot water at a perfect temperature for teas.

10 Gallon Single Automatic Coffee Urn Features

  • Coffee urn
  • Pump type brewing system
  • (1) 10 gal liner
  • One button operation
  • Automatic coffee agitation
  • Automatic refill of water compartment
  • Closed chamber brewing
  • Low water cut-off system
  • Specify voltage when ordering
  • 120/208v or 120/240v single phase is standard
  • 3 phase option available
  • UL listed
  • NSF certified
  • Brewing Capacity: 42 gal/hr
  • Capacity: 10 gal
  • Width: 21 in
What is the brewing temperature and what is the holding temperature?


According to the GMCW 77110E manual, this unit features a Special Pinpoint Control Thermostat with four position temperature selection on thermostat controls. The four temperature controls are Brew (200°F), Hold (180°F), Night Stand-by (160°F) and OFF.