Paragon - 7105200 - Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine w/Metal Bowl

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Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine w/Metal Bowl Features

  • Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine w/Metal Bowl
  • New high performance head will not clog like ordinary ribbon style heating elements
  • All metal design provides superior durability over those using plastic parts
  • Heavy duty motor completely shielded from sugar to extend its life
  • Easy clean up
  • Professional controls give the operator flexibility
  • Stainless steel cabinet delivers commercial quality and durability
  • Yields up to 200 cones per hour
  • Includes cord and NEMA 5-15P
  • Made in USA
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Height: 21”
  • Watts: 1370
  • Volts: 120
how do you clean the head


ROUTINE CLEANING 1. Be sure the MOTOR and HEAT switches are in the "OFF" position. (Cord should also be unplugged from outlet.) 2. Allow the SPINNING HEAD unit and components to cool down to a temperature that is safe to the touch. 3. Remove the four retaining nuts and leather floaters on the top of the SPINNING HEAD unit. 4. Remove the top from the SPINNING HEAD unit by lifting it off. 5. Remove the slinger plate by loosening the two nylon acorn nuts in the center. 6. Disconnect the two heater lead terminations by removing the two nuts (3/8" Hex) and removing the leads from the studs. 7. Remove the outer screen assembly with the heating element by sliding it straight up. 8. The top and the screen assembly with heating element can be cleaned by immersing in hot water and mild detergent. 9. The head base is now accessible for removing the sugar residue by manual cleaning with a damp cloth. 10. After allowing the components to dry completely, the screen assembly with heating element can be reassembled by placing the items on the head base. 11. Reconnect the two heater lead terminations with the two nuts (3/8" Hex) be sure to route the wire leads as to avoid any sharp bends. 12. Reinstall the slinger plate using two nylon acorn nuts. 13. Reassemble the top and secure with the four retaining nuts. Leather floater should be installed on two opposing studs. I have also attached a document to the "Learn More" tab that demonstrates how to remove the spinning head.