Star Manufacturing - 45SG-1D - 45 Series Single Door Sneeze Guard

Price: $316.00/EA
Shipping Info: Built to order. Usually Ships Within 4 Weeks, M-F
Documents: Spec Sheet

It would be a real shame to cook things to perfection only to have someone sneeze on them. In order to prevent that inconvenience, utilize the Star - 45SG-1D - 45 Series Single Door Sneeze Guard to cover and protect foods. The 45SG-1D sneeze guard is made from clear polycarbonate so everyone can still see what’s inside. It covers the hot dog griller so the hot dogs can remain warm and ready while they are protected from the elements. The Star Manufacturing Star45 Series Single Door Sneeze Guard (45SG-1D) is even easy to wipe down and clean any time a sneeze occurs.

45 Series Single Door Sneeze Guard Features

  • Grill-Max® sneeze guard
  • Single door design
  • Fits models 45C, 45SC, 45CBB, 45SCBB
  • 1 year parts & labor warranty
  • UL listed
Grill Cover We have a Star model 45, this cover says it is for a 45C. The Serial Number is 45007921, with this fit?


This sneeze guard will not fit your hot dog roller. You need Star #45SG-FCA (old style sneeze guard). We do not have 45SG-FCA on our website but we can definitely order if for you. Please call our sales team if you are interested. 1.888.388.6372