Cadco - LKR-220 - Heavy Duty 220V Single Cast Iron Hot Plate

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Sometimes you need an extra burner, but you don’t need or have the space for another stove. This is the perfect opportunity to add the Cadco Heavy Duty 220V Single Cast Iron Hot Plate (LKR-220) to your kitchen or catering company. A high-tech thermostat provides sensitive heat control through a cast iron element. Because of this set-up, your pots and pans, along with their contents, will be heated evenly and effectively. The Cadco - LKR-220 - Heavy Duty 220V Single Cast Iron Hot Plate is portable, so you can bring it along wherever an electrical outlet is located. The four non-skid feet keep the unit in place while you work.

Heavy Duty 220V Single Cast Iron Hot Plate Features

  • Single Cast Iron Hot Plate
  • 15 3/8 in (W) x 15 1/2 in (D) x 4 3/8 in (H)
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Large 9 in diameter cast iron burner
  • Handles pots/pans up to 15 qt size
  • Infinite heat control
  • Signal light glows only during heat cycle
  • Non skid feet
  • 220V/60/1-ph, 2,000W, 9.1A
  • UL listed
  • One year parts & labor warranty
  • Note: Includes power cord & plug (NEMA 6-15P)
  • No. of Burners: 1 Burner
  • Power: Electric
  • Width: 15 3/8 in

On to Number 2


I am on my second model. The first one was in daily use and lasted just over one year- out of the warranty period. It worked great! Naturally, it takes a while to heat up but then it delivers plenty of heat for large stock pots, large iron pans. It also takes a long time to cool down and herein may lie a design weakness. This has a cooling fan on the bottom to preserve the controls and internal wiring. I do not know if the fan is has a thermostat or is always on. If the hotplate is shut off when hot, I suspect the cooling fan also is shut down. The residual heat wears on the components above. I plan on not shutting it off when hot but setting the rheostat at the lowest setting with the hope the fan will keep cooling until the internal temperature drops. Then shut it off completely. We shall see if that extends service life. Also, when this thing is on for a long time it really gets hot so watch it. Pots boil dry, pans burn and it will melt stuff. I mean it produces major heat! It is quite sturdy and stable and supports a heavy stock pot just fine with its 9 inch iron plate. I like this hotplate and recommend it to anyone needing lots of heat which is portable or stationary like a stock pot station.

Hot en Tot

New Mexico USA


Great hot plate


We are campers... Hot plate much better than open flame. And very powerful 1500W will fry or boil large pots fast. Like it so much just ordered my second.


Baton Rouge,la

Heavy Duty 220V Single Cast Iron Hot Plate

4.5 2


Does this thing still have a cooling fan mounted on the bottom like their older models?

Hot en Tot

This unit is now thermostatically controlled so once it reaches the temp you need it will stop heating. There is no need for the bottom mounted fan.


Will the wiring in this unit be able to withstand consistent high temperatures while using a pressure canner & a water bath canner for several canning


This should be fine for your use. It is no different than using a regular cook top.