Fagor - CO-502W - EVO Concept High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 30 Racks/Hr

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Enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher under the counter with the compact size of the Fagor EVO Concept High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher (CO-502W). This dishwasher is under 33 inches in height so it fits nicely under most counters and bars, keeping it out of the way, with the capability of washing 22 racks per hour. The Fagor - CO-502W - EVO Concept High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher has a 5.3 gallon water tank and uses just 0.63 gallons of water per cycle. The CO-502W is NSF listed, ETL compliant, and ENERGY STAR® qualified.

EVO Concept High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 30 Racks/Hr Features

  • EVO Concept high temp undercounter dishwasher
  • 32 3/4 in (H) x 23 5/8 in (W) x 23 5/8 in (Depth)
  • Designed to be used as a glasswasher or dishwasher
  • Washes up to (30) racks per hour
  • Fits standard rack size (20 in x 20 in)
  • Stainless steel body structure with stamped design made to resist strong usage
  • Double spring and stainless steel hinge system tested to resist the strongest usage
  • AISI-304 stainless steel double wash/rinsing arms and tray filters
  • Conveniently located electrical box for easy access that improves maintenance and allows for multi-tension
  • Built-in detergent, rinse and drain pumps
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Includes (1) flat rack, one (1) peg rack and one (1) cutlery container
  • Water inlet 3/4 in female hose connector on 5 ft long flexible hose supplied with machine
  • Adaptor for 3/4 in female garden hose fitting also supplied
  • 208V/1Ph/60Hz/3.5KW
  • ETL listed
  • Replaces FI-48W and AD-48W
  • Rack Size: 20 in x 20 in
  • Racks Per Hour: 30 Racks
  • Temperature: High

Parts are a major problem


Only one parts supplier for the hole USA. Don't buy. When the matine goes down it stays down. No support!






This dishwasher was installed in our hospice care center. It has been a big pain, with multiple problems. It caused a big flood and was out of commission for almost 2 months last year. At this time we have put the machine on light duty, using it only as a sanitizer to (hopefully) avoid further problems.


Everett, WA


Will never buy Fagor again


Nice machine, works and cleans well, no complaints on the device. Very good tech support form factory. However it does break eventually and the manufacturer Fagor has a parts supply chain that can make it in nearly impossible to obtain replacement parts. They work with a sole source non factory supplier. That supplier does not stock all the parts that are needed. When a part is not available it has proven very difficult to get requiring weeks of frustrating effort. I have had this machine for two years now and it has been down for two months for lack of a single part. This week we are scraping it and having a new American made machine installed as the only solution to getting a working dish washer in our kitchen.


Washington DC


Stay Away!


Shortly after it was installed it was shutting off randomly. There was a loose connection inside that had led to arcing and may have fried something. About 8 months later we are still calling trying to get someone to come out and fix it. They've replaced the pump and the face of the unit. It's no longer shutting off but is still not reaching temp. When we call for service, their notes often seem to not be updated and they refer to information from before the previous call. They do not follow up, so the problem was compounded when their locally contracted service technician did not return calls for over a month and then falsely reported that they had come and that the incoming water temp was not high enough. They seem very reluctant to back their guarantee. Fagor is still blaming the incoming water supply temp. Bottom line: the unit, and the customer support, are not trustworthy or dependable. Try something else


Northern Michigan


Solid unit


This is a good unit, small footprint, very simple one button control. It works as advertised. In spite of the specs listed by Tundra, this unit can be run on many different power feeds by changing internal jumpers. It works on three and single phase power and high and low current. It should be wired to a high current feed or else the booster heatrer will only run on partial power and each cycle will take longer


Washington DC


EVO Concept High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 30 Racks/Hr

1.6 5


Do you carry the 16" high base stand for this unit?


Sorry no help here I have no idea    


Does this unit need to be connected to a hot water line?


Yes, this needs connected to a hot water line.

Community Answer

The optimum incoming water temperature for this unit is between 120-140 F.


My health admin says any dishwasher has to be on casters. Are they available for this unit? The catch is it still has to be less than 34.5" tall.


The Fagor - CO-502W does not come with casters as an option and I have not come across an undercounter dish machine that does. You may want to double check with you health admin as this appears to be an odd request.


No, castors are not available for the dishwasher.

Community Answer

How do I drain the co-402w? I can't find a manual anywhere


The Fagor - CO-502W includes a drain pump. From there I'm not sure what other info you are looking for. Here is a link to the manual and if you have further questions about this it would be best to contact Fagor directly... http://www.fagorcommercial.com/uploads/productos/archivos/familias/en/EVO_Dishwashing_Catalog_2015_LR.pdf


The manual says it's 208-230v. I have a 220v line, would that work?


If the electrical is set up correctly the 230V should work with the 220V. I would talk with an electrician before you purchase this piece of equipment.


Does there need to be a booster or a hood installed with this model?


The Fagor - CO-502W does have an electric booster and whether or not you need a hood is up to your county or city regulations, but this should not need a hood.


How many gallons per hour GPH does this unit use assuming you have washed the 30 racks/hr?


This Fagor EVO Undercounter Dishwashing unit uses 0.63 Gallons per cycle. Assuming your 30 racks per hour; this would result in a total water consumption of 18.9 Gallons per hour.


Does this dishwasher need to be pulled out every time the soap has to be refilled? Also will any non-foam soap do?


The detergent is hooked up to a pump system, and this connection is in the back of the unit. This units requires a Hi-Temp rinse aid


Will you ship to Toronto, ON. Canada?


Yes, we will. Use our live chat feature or give us a call at 888-388-6372 and we can put together a quote for you.

Kasy Allen

Does this machine use rinse water for the next wash cycle? I only have 1/2" water supply line will that be adequate? Fagor AD-48W


Yes, this machine uses rinse water for the wash cycle. Yes, the 1/2" water supply line will be adequate.